The BTSB Horse Show will be held August 26th - 28th 2016 
at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds!  

Our goal is to keep entry fees low but to do that we NEED YOUR HELP securing sponsorships!  See how you can help on the "Volunteers" tab.  

For more information feel free to message us on Facebook or email us at or click here

This page was last updated: August 24, 2016
The Debi Woodward Memorial
Back to School Blast All Youth Horse Show
Aug 26th - 28th 2016       Springfield, MO
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Contact Us
2016 Show Bill Now Available!
Youth is defined as 18 yrs of age and under as of January 1st of 2016
Be there on Sunday at 11:30 to meet the one and only LUKE SNYDER! Luke is visiting the BTSB on Sunday to meet the future of our country! YOU! He will give a motivational speech and be available for pictures and autographs. Even if you are not participating on Sunday everyone is welcome to come and meet Luke!

PBR Rookie of the Year (2001)
 PBR World Finals Champion (2001)
 PBR BFTS Oakland, CA Champion (2002)
 PBR BFTS Portland, OR Champion (2004)
PBR BFTS Nampa, ID Champion (2008)
PBR Last Cowboy Standing Champion (2011)
PBR BFTS Nampa, ID Champion (2012)
PBR 13 time World Finals Qualifier
PBR Reigning Iron-Man of Bull Riding - 275 consecutive events
Missouri Sports Hall of Fame inductee (2014)
PBR Ring Of Honor inductee ( 2015 )